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Bonsai trees

Q: Are you really a bonsai tree?

A: Not really. Bonsai trees can’t manage a blog, didn’t you know? Though, if you find one, just let me know.

Q: Do you like bonsai trees?

A: No, not really. Infact I’ve never seen a real one. They’re small and sometimes green – all I know about them.

Q: Then what about bonsai trees at all?

A: Well, what about them? There is only one real bonsai: Me! 😉

Q: Why the heck did you choose that nickname then?

A: Long story short: Back in my early days, when doing CB radio, I visited some friends in the streets. The weather was a bit wet but it was warm. I went barefoot. A friend saw me, saw my feet, and said “small like a bonsai, messy like Rambo”Bonsai Rambo. That was it. Over the time, this nickname became “Bonsai”, “The Bonsai” and finally “TheBonsai”. That’s all.


Q: So above I learned you’re not a bonsai tree – what the heck are you then?

A: A human – tadaaa… I was born in 1980 (so I’m >30 argh) and I’m an average guy. That should be enough for now.

Q: And others don’t complain when you appear as tree but actually are human?

A: Well, I think they’re used to see it:

  • <greycat> He is a very naughty little dwarf tree.

Q: Where do you come from?

A: I live in (and come from) Bavaria/Germany. And no, I don’t wear bavarian leather trousers, 95% of the bavarian people don’t. TV isn’t always right.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Oh, that’s a simple one. It can be described as “IT”. Not all corners, but some. The most important corners seem to be Internet (since early or mid 90s) and Linux (since mid 90s). I wouldn’t call it hobby, though. More a passion. Details? You will see when you meet me somewhere. When I have some time, I’ll set up a “Hobbies” page, extra for you. But I don’t want to forget to mention that I’m a little Trekkie…

Q: Computer? Is that all? Sounds not really flexible.

A: Beside listening to good Rockmusic, that’s really all. Believe me. And yes, I’m not very flexible :-)

Q: And what’s your job?

A: Guess… And maybe there will be a small “Profession” page, soon.

Q: Where can I find you?

A: Usually somewhere on the Network:

  • IRC Chats (usually the Freenode Network)
  • EMail (guess it)
  • Linux support forum (
  • Mailing Lists (various technical lists)
  • Instant Messengers (wheeee – I’m modern!)
  • USENET (not very often – from time to time)

If not, you may find me drinking a coffe with a friend somewhere. Though I see no reason why you would really want to find me.


Q: Why is this FAQ so small?

A: It hopefully will grow soon. If you want, you can mail me serious questions for it. You can also comment it.