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Happy 2011

December 31st, 2010 by TheBonsai

In a few hours (CET) it’s 2011, so it’s time to say ‘happy new year’.

Regards and best online-wishes for 2011 fly to (the order doesn’t matter)

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Willkommen im Club der Alten Säcke

May 12th, 2010 by TheBonsai

Da wird man in einer technischen Diskussion so nebenbei zum alten Sack abgestempelt…

<greycat>   # mkdir foo; cd foo; rmdir ../foo; mkdir ../foo; touch bar
<evalbot>   greycat: touch: cannot touch `bar': No such file or directory
<greycat>   That's what I had been attempting to demonstrate with the previous evalbot test...
<TheBonsai> but this behaviour is no surprise
<greycat>   It's no surprise if you're a unix veteran.
<TheBonsai> er... greg i'm 30, wrong aage 
<greycat>   Been using Unix for more than 5 years?
<TheBonsai> yes, definitely
<greycat>   Veteran.
<TheBonsai> *shocked*

(Quelle: IRC Channel #bash auf dem Freenode IRC Netzwerk, irrelevanter Text entfernt)

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[GC]lue records

March 27th, 2010 by TheBonsai

Hi there DNS guys!

On IRC or mailinglists I frequently see people not understanding the idea and concepts behind glue records. Many have no clue about it. It’s always the same, some people don’t get it and thus make their sites unavailable – when you explain it, they don’t understand.

Hence, I suggest a name change, just name them

The clue records

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