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Make all instances in a RAC environment switching the logfile with one single command

December 2nd, 2010 by TheBonsai

You know the need to sometimes manually switch logfiles with


In a RAC with some more nodes, it can be quite disturbing to do that on all instances.

When you inspect the protocol files of the right services, you will find another, undocumented method:


This works at least on Since it’s undocumented, I can’t tell you under which circumstances this command works or not, but it looks like always possible. Please find out yourself and let me know.

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3 responses about “Make all instances in a RAC environment switching the logfile with one single command”

  1. dan said:


    I just tested this command (switch all) on a 2 node rac 11g on Solaris and it looks like it’s working as expected. It did the switch.

  2. Alexandre Bertolino Verri said:

    looks like its been deprecated, for oracle 11gR1 rac environment it`s:

    ALTER SYSTEM SWITCH LOGFILE affects only the current instance.

    To force a global log switch, use the ALTER SYSTEM ARCHIVE LOG CURRENT statement.

    taken from oracle documentation link:

  3. TheBonsai said:

    It never was documented, so it never was an “official” command.

    I found it while inspecting DG logs.

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