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Slow datapumping on

August 10th, 2010 by TheBonsai

Recently I hacked a on-demand-export for a user. After his (small) data loading, an export is triggered to have his data in a backupable and tranmsportable file. The total amount of all tables was about 7MB only.

The export routines were done with datapump export. I watched a manual run and…

  • datapump started and connected to a database server process: 3 seconds
  • datapump estimated and analyzed the data to export: 36 minutes
  • datapump exported the relevant tables: 4 seconds

Do you see what I see? Yes? Right, datapump played with itself. Over 36 minutes of runtime, where 99% of the time not one bit of data was moved. Reproducable 100%. A datapump TRACE=480300 generated trace set revealed a huge delay in the worker process when calling DBMS_METADATA.FETCH_XML_CLOB (exactly my 36 minutes).

The solution was a patch for bug


Now datapump does what it’s designed for: Pumping data without playing with itself!

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