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Willkommen im Club der Alten Säcke

May 12th, 2010 by TheBonsai

Da wird man in einer technischen Diskussion so nebenbei zum alten Sack abgestempelt…

<greycat>   # mkdir foo; cd foo; rmdir ../foo; mkdir ../foo; touch bar
<evalbot>   greycat: touch: cannot touch `bar': No such file or directory
<greycat>   That's what I had been attempting to demonstrate with the previous evalbot test...
<TheBonsai> but this behaviour is no surprise
<greycat>   It's no surprise if you're a unix veteran.
<TheBonsai> er... greg i'm 30, wrong aage 
<greycat>   Been using Unix for more than 5 years?
<TheBonsai> yes, definitely
<greycat>   Veteran.
<TheBonsai> *shocked*

(Quelle: IRC Channel #bash auf dem Freenode IRC Netzwerk, irrelevanter Text entfernt)

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3 responses about “Willkommen im Club der Alten Säcke”

  1. Usn said:

    Greg can be a PITA, but a wise one. And old farts simply use to be like that. So be prepared for your 20-years-barrier coming soon.
    No further comment.

  2. wdp said:


  3. cartun said:

    Hehe… nice

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