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First touches: Oracle 11g Release 2

October 22nd, 2009 by TheBonsai

At the beginning of the week we lost a 10gR2 test server (some mass data application – sizes similar to warehousing) due to the complete loss of a RAID6 (don’t ask!).

Well, test server is test server: We (me as DBA, and a collegue as the responsible application developer) finally decided to step into the Oracle 11 world: The new system will be 11gR2

After some reading in I had no problems to understand the new separated architecture with its HA daemon (keyword: Grid Infrastructure) and install the whole software and create a database. And, very important, there was no, not one damn small, problem when importing 10gR2 datapump files (from the productive system). I heard some weird stories before, and I was a bit afraid about that. But nothing, all data was pumped in like a charm.

The first thing I changed, for me as DBA one of the most interesting features on those large databases, I really parallelized RMAN for backup. I hope I can reduce the backup time to a useful amount with that. This was one of the biggest discrepance in 10g: You can create very large datafiles, but you can’t backup them in a true parallel manner. I’ll check my logfiles today and hope…

Well, so far so good, I will see what 11g (especially R2 here) brings to me and, more important, the applications. It will take some time to really explore the pros.

For all of you still at 10g and loose a test system by accident (and have a developer that really wants it…): Try it 😉

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6 responses about “First touches: Oracle 11g Release 2”

  1. Martin Klier said:

    Have you been able to check whether the de facto 2TB limit for ASM disks in 10gR2 and 11gR1 is gone in 11gR2 now? The bugs referencing this issue still state “to be fixed in 11gR2”. Would be really interesting to know…!

    Martin Klier

  2. TheBonsai said:

    According to ORACLE 11.2 documentation the limit for an ASM disk is still 2TB (without using Exadata).

    Sucks, somehow…

  3. Martin Klier said:

    Yes, it does suck. Indeed. Do you have a link to the docs for me? I seem to be blind today…


  4. TheBonsai said:

    I have a link:

    Interesting, too: The differences between ASM and ASM/Exadata :)

  5. Usn said:

    > I really parallelized RMAN for backup
    Would be nice if data pump export would spread the extracted data more evenly.

    I just worked with PARALLEL=4 and four files on a DB with several huge segments, and dozends of small ones. I’m ending up with two files of 20GB and two files with 10GB.

    Here it’s not datafiles that can’t be split like in RMAN 10g, here’s a segement as it looks like.


  6. TheBonsai said:

    Yes, I think the DP workers are balanced using segments. And since one worker pumps his data into one file, you end up like this.

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