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Drowning “Wanda the fish”

November 24th, 2008 by TheBonsai


Wanda the fish – an easteregg of GNOME Destop. You may know it, I didn’t know it until yesterday.

It’s easy to call: Press Alt-F2 (=open the run-dialog), then enter “free the fish

Okay, nice. I watched it 3 times, I clicked on it to go away. Really nice.

But heck! That bastard comes again! And again…! GNAH.

After 2h I was fed up working on my computer and always clicking that monster fish away! I didn’t want to reload my X environment, so I had to find another way…

Heck, there it comes again… swimming from left to right… BlubbBlubb

I found the right way to get rid of the hell fish: It’s implemented in the panel, so you have to kill the panel (process name usually “gnome-panel”). The panel will restart after a second, and Wanda will be drown!

Ha! Fish dead, Bonsai happy.


PS: For those who like eastereggs: Enter “gegls from outer space” in the GNOME run-dialog – whatever a GEGL is – but at least the popup windows can be closed in a sane way 😉

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4 responses about “Drowning “Wanda the fish””

  1. wehdehpeh said:

    Schau dir mal hot-babe an. =P

  2. TheBonsai said:


    Well, it was less about the easteregg itself, more about to get rid of it 😉

  3. Dave Neary said:

    gegl = “Genetically engineered goat (large)”

    It comes from the GIMP and specifically from a guy called George Lebl (also known as vicious) and there are many gegl artefacts:

    There’s the gegl stuffed toy, the gegl bong, the gegl knitted wooly jumper… and gegls from outer space.

    In an alternate universe, gegl = generic graphics library, and it’s a DAG-structure for abstractly representing & manipulating image data in arbitrary colorspaces.


  4. TheBonsai said:

    Wow… Thanks for that background :) Some people have a weird humor 😉

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