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Workstation Distupgrade: Bye Etch, welcome Lenny!

July 29th, 2008 by TheBonsai


Yesterday I did a dist-upgrade for my workstation. Nearly everything worked as expected. Some manual interaction here and there, but okay. Finally I rebooted into the new system, got my IP by DHCP and… nothing. I was’t able to logon.

You have to know that I use centralized LDAP-based authentication, which isn’t always bullet-proof. So I searched in this direction first. Started into singleuser mode – oh wonder, everything worked as expected, I was able to change users and stuff. I played a bit with these LDAP configs to be sure – they really worked, they were sane! So… why the hell… I reconfigured init(8) to give me a blank shell on a specific virtual terminal and rebooted again into runlevel 2. As expected, I wasn’t able to logon – but on VT6, I had my tinker shell 😉

It was clarified very fast. I checked my current IP and… there was none. I could swear I got an IP on every bootup! What happened? Well, the dist-upgrade also installed the shiny and nice piece of crapsoftware called NetworkManager. After getting an IP by DHCP, the NetworkManager was started and had internal communication problems (on the DBUS?). Because of these problems, it immediately took the IP interface offline – throwing away my IP and making network communication – including LDAP for authentication – impossible.

I have no clue why NetworkManager was installed during the upgrade, it wasn’t active before!

The rest of the upgrade scenario was quite normal and common. Around 2,5GB of installed data was moved and reinstalled, and the system booted like nothing happened – all hail APT!

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