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dst_read_key: error reading key

April 30th, 2008 by TheBonsai

Hi folks…

I have nsupdate running on my home router to update my zone with a specific A record on every IP change – some kind of an own DDNS service.

After I changed the operating system distribution on my Router from some older Mandrake to a Debian 4, the updating was broken:

key option argument should be keydir:keyname

“Okay, they changed the option argument syntax” I though – I quickly adjusted the script but…

dst_read_key: error reading key

Hmpf… What the hell happened? Maybe the default key format changed or similar – I generated a new key but… nothing.

I finally found the solution – guess what:

  • I have the debian bind and dnsutils package installed
  • the bind package has a /usr/sbin/nsupdate
  • the dnsutils package has a /usr/bin/nsupdate
  • I had a 50:50 chance to use the right one – but I lost, the right one was the one in /usr/bin

After I knew what it was, I searched a bit on the web, and I found a similar issue related to some BSD derivate. I don’t know if that’s a general problem of the BIND distribution from ISC, or a Debian-specific problem, but I hope this article can help you in that situation.

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