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UPDATE: Migrated my homeserver to Debian Etch

April 5th, 2008 by TheBonsai

Last night I finally migrated my allroundserver (gateway, fileserver, mailserver, …) to Debian Etch. This time I din’t 1:1 copy any configs – the oldest configs were nearly 5-6 years old and surely contained some bugs.

Regardless the usually “small problems” it wasn’t a big deal, and at least the gateway functionality was up again 30 minutes after I purged the old system – a Mandrake 10.1.

I’ll do the rest step by step, especially refining quickshot configs, but at the moment, about 90% of the services are working like they did before.

It really was time to replace that Mandrake there. No updates anymore, no modern software, no way to blindly upgrade on-the-fly (at least I didn’t take enough drugs to assume that this Mandrake would survive it), and not a Debian 😉

Overall, it was easier than I thought (I expected more trouble), but that seems to be the nature of Debian…


The migration of the LDAP user database was buggy. It wasn’t a big deal, since I didn’t even recognize it until yesterday evening, but the UNIX groups weren’t served by the LDAP server … which leads me to the question: “Do I need groups at all?”

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7 responses about “UPDATE: Migrated my homeserver to Debian Etch”

  1. Jean said:

    Depends. I would say: Everyone made his or her personal experience with different distributions. Last time i used Debian, i had not ending problems with it.

    Anyway – Shouldn’t it be “mandriva”?

  2. TheBonsai said:


    It was old system 😉

  3. Usn said:

    Great :)
    My Etch gateway has had 225 days uptime until Sunday, but finally I had to apply some kernel and library security fixes. Now its zeroized… :(


  4. Jean said:

    i have to update my servers more often because of security fixes… well, hosting servers 😉

    Switch-Uptime 1 283 days
    Switch-Uptime 2 308 days

    Server 1: up 19 days
    Server 2: up 22 days
    Server 3: up 176 days

    an none of them is running debian 😉

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