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Give me < !-- more -- > please!!!

March 27th, 2008 by TheBonsai

USN saw that I had relative long articles in the main view, so he told me about a smart tag to insert: <!–more–>

Heyah, what a cool idea! I took a long article and entered <!–more-_> in the code editor. See the typo…? I didn’t :)

From that minute on I wasn’t able to access the home page view anymore. Okay, I logged in, clicked through to edit the article and… Firefox (tested 3 different versions!) used 100% CPU over 5 minutes and finally… the editor page was empty. Tested other browsers, including Konqueror and IE6/7 – the only thing I learned was that some browsers have problems with geekish JavaScript stuff used here and there in WP. I stillwere not able to fix it from the webinterface, so I fixed it manually directly in the database.

Conclusion: Sometimes more is really less!

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4 responses about “Give me < !-- more -- > please!!!”

  1. Giovanni said:

    you could use excerpt advanced and make use of custom loops.

  2. Jean said:

    Funny, sometimes you’re writing english and sometimes german? Multilingual-blog, eh?

    It would be possible to “limit” the words using php in one of the wp theme files, if you don’t want to use the feature.

  3. TheBonsai said:


    there’s also the possibility to use the excerpt functionality of WP (using the_excerpt() instead of the_content() in the main index template). This can be configured by the advanced excerpt plugin (number of word/characters etc…). Giovanni pointed this out.

    And yes, this is a multilingual blog – hence the language categories 😉


  4. Jean said:

    ah. haven’t seen that.

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