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No time for Ekiga coding

February 8th, 2008 by TheBonsai

Probably you know the Ekiga softphone from Damien Sandras. It’s a FOSS project that aims to be a usable, flexible and extendible VoIP softphone.

However, I used to contribute some bits of code here and then, nothing mentionable. But it was fun and learning for me, and it hopefully helped the developers a bit.

During the last months (and still running) they’re heading for Ekiga 3 (I lovely call it “Threekiga”, haha…). The internal changes are heavy and will make the main engine relatively flexible and highly extendible. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to even read into the new code structure – I’m not able to code even one small bit and contribute it to Ekiga. That’s very sad, because the developers could need help. It looks like that I’m just here to be in the ChangeLog and the Info-window and doing nothing.

Good news is, the time-situation will get better in the mid of 2008 – but Ekiga 3 will already be released then (I hope!).

Sorry, mainly to Damien and Julien, who did and do a great and a sometimes really hard work. But of course also to all the others of the core team. But in some weeks I’ll start over again.

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3 responses about “No time for Ekiga coding”

  1. Yannick said:

    I can’t wait your come back ! It is fun to have you in the loop 😉


  2. TheBonsai said:

    Dito, Yannick, dito!

    I will really need you when it comes to adapt the SERWeb engine to the OpenSER server (if that’s possible at all). But not today 😉

  3. Yannick said:

    Feel free to ask when the time has come. This is something we should give time to make it pretty/i18n too 😉 I’ve some plans…

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